The World Turned Upside Down

Yup. Okay. Trying to get head around the idea of a Trump presidency, coupled with the House and Senate controlled by the Republican party, and a Supreme Court vacancy, and trying not to give into panic. Living in the bluest part (the People’s Republic of Camberville) of the bluest state (the Commonweatlh of Massachusetts) it occurs to me that my immediate family and I, will be okay. And my immediate community will be, more or less, okay too. At all levels of government – municipal, state and federal, my elected officials [with the exception of the president-elect] are Democrats, and progressive Democrats at that. We’re a sanctuary city and have long history of welcoming immigrants. We’re also economically well off. The cornerstones of our regional economy – higher education, medicine and financial services – are evergreen.

We have been here before. Our deep divisions, the feeling of fear and the overall sense of mistrust brings to mind the civil rights and anti-war era of the 1960s and 70s. Fire hoses. Dogs. Riot gear. Yup. We’ve seen it before. And we’ve seen the elements that come together in Trumpism before too – Joseph McCarthy. Wounded Knee. Dread Scott. Manzanar. Take your pick. The struggle has been real, and the struggle is far from over.

Of course, I could be wrong. Perhaps the Trump administration will bring great and necessary changes to the governance of our beloved country. Our success is tied to his success.  However, with re-treads like Chirsty, Gingrich and Giuliani returning to power, my money is on more of the same, only worse.

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