More Knotty Ties! or, Blowing the Dog Whistle that Angry White Men Will Hear

According to the Global Strategy Group’s just released report,  The Outsider Illusion: How Democrats Should Navigate an Angry Electorate, in this general election voters overwhelmingly want someone who has big plans for American (88%) over someone who has big dreams from America (12%). And hearing of a candidate’s government accomplishments appeals to voters  far more than talk of  gridlock and corruption.

Campaign Message

To appeal to those angry, white men, HRC should talk about how she help create economic growth and opportunities for small business owners as Senator from New York.

Policy – Community Based Production

How should we think about manufacturing in an increasing global economy?

Americans make things.  Americans sell things. Americans love to start their own businesses.

Focus on small towns/small factories/ make it easier for the little guy to start and run his/her own business

Somerville MA – food industry & urban agriculture (Taza Chocolates & Green City Growers). Food industry often entry point for immigrants into economy

Detroit – “bespoke” manufacturing  Shinola – bikes, watches, leather goods

Bristol, RI – Bristol Boat Company – building on legacy, building a thing of beauty

Sun Valley ID – Scott ski gear (?) Nope. Founded in Sun Valley in 1958, now headquartered in Switzerland 😦

capitalize on what is in place/access to capital to build and grow small, community based businesses

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