Trump to reshape image team tells GOP

That headline from an article in the 4/22/16 issue of the New York Times, and it’s exactly what keeps me awake at night. Trump is a master of the arena in this emerging era of media saturation. What if he successfully re-crafts himself – shifts into Presidential mode. What if people start to see him that way?

Countering Presidential Trump…

HRC blackberry

There is difference between spin and images and things that we sometimes see on TV and the real world. And in the real world, words have consequences. In the real world, the President sets the nation’s agenda and works with Congress to do the work of the American people. In the real world, the President can’t fire Congress. In the real world, telling a Senator or Representative that they’re a loser or stupid or their wife is ugly  is not an effective way to shape policy. There is an objective reality and it matters.

…Show Huskster Trump…

Paint him lower than the guy who sells steak knifes on late night TV.

…Show how Trump deals with set backs/reality

He walks away – from Atlantic City, from people he does business with, from his wives. When things get tough, he walks. We can’t have a President who walks away when things don’t go his way.





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