Listening to Unintelligible Yelling

yelling The GOP is a train wreck.  No one can lay a glove on He Who Must Not Be Named. (Personally, I’ve taken up not even uttering his name as part of my Lenten discipline.) Not even the Pope can stop his juggernaut. He Who, is a master of this new era of social connectivity, has tapped into a deep vein of anger and frustration that runs like a fault line though this time and place.  On the other side of the aisle, this populous vein is being mined by Bernie Sanders.

This populist angry is directed at the system. The system is rigged.  The political, economic and social systems sub-systems, are controlled by an elite few, and their rampant rent seeking behavior is undermining the commonweal.  These fortune few are not shy about financing their causes or shaping our civic space. Long term wage stagnation has, as one candidate has put it, hollowed out the economic lives of a majority of Americans. Our political system is awash in money.  Our streets are awash in guns. Our manufacturing jobs have been shipped overseas, our climate is changing, our wages have been flat for years, and we’re worry about our kids’ schools and their future, and our parents’ old age, and it feels like the government of the people isn’t working for the people.

The positive expression of this populism is Bernie.  The negative is You Know Who.  If HRC can tap into this vein, and, listening to her spot-on Super Tuesday speech at the Miami rally, it appears that she intends to, she will prevail in November.

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