Our Man Mitt Enters… [Stage Right]

It appears that our man Mitt,  formerly of Bain Capital and the corner office at the Massachusetts State House has decided to come on stage and add his name to the growing list of GOP good ole boys who have attempted to call out He Who Must Not Be Named. Governor Romney did some name calling – liar, phony, a fraud. Really rough stuff. He Who fired back, “Mitt’s a loser..” he begged me for support when he was running his lame-o campaign for the White House, so hahaha. And with that another party stalwart, is topped by He Who. And party leadership, they’re completely flummoxed, wondering where this guy came from (there are lot of theories about how He Who does it…my current favorite is nicely summarized in Judd LeGum’s post on wrestling, Roland Barthes and He Who) and how do we make him GO AWAY!

The sad simple truth is that all those pointed headed politicos aren’t listening to what He Who’s supporters are shouting at the top of their lungs. These folks don’t care about the Republican Party. They don’t care about the modern conservative movement or the legacy of Ronald Reagan. Behind all the noise and bluster He Who a man ( someone who’s ego is fueling his id), has message that resonates.Listen for the message –  crack this code and his people will be come yours.

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