About Last Night…

Morning After Impressions of Speeches Last Night in Florida

Rubio, swaying passionately before the cheering crowd, the first few minutes a rallying cry for …the conservative movement and warped himself in the image of Ronald Reagan. The tell came towards the end. “Many of you are struggling…” He said. You are struggling; should have been “we are struggling”. Looked like a rookie.

He Who Must Not be Named, …the optics…oh the optics!  Stage lined with flags, drapes as backdrop and who do they pin to the backdrop, Chis Christie, looking like a trophy head mounted on the great hunter’s wall. HWMNBN, looking all presidential, calling on reporters, shooting his cuffs, giving thumbs up. Masterful.

HRC – Nailed it. Simply nailed it. Got message across loud and clear. Calm, together and exciting. Projected power and confidence. Positive tone refreshing. Only weak note, “love” – is there a better, less generic word to close the deal?

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