Out of the House and into the Mountains

Every trip is different.  While there may be reoccurring themes and fairly consistent parts to all ski trips,  each particular trip happens only once.  Yesterday marked the two-third point of winter break, and to stave off cabin fever, the kids and I made a day of it at Wachusett Mountain.

The night before, I sold the kids on the idea that skiing in the morning is best (no lie there), and sealed the deal with a promise of donuts on the way out of town.   First thing in the morning, we loaded the car, packed Christmas cookies for snacks, and drove west on Route 2. Arlington, Belmont, Concord, Acton, Boxboro, Littleton – the well-to-do suburbs gave way to farm lands and woods, brown as doe skin.

The great New England snow drought continues.   But with no snow on the ground in Boston, the trails were empty except for ski schoolers and true believers. The snow was wet and granular and the occasional rock showed through the thin cover.  With temps in the mid 40s it was like spring skiing.  We’d taken two runs, one slow, the other significantly faster, when hunger emerged as an issue.  In the spirit of overindulgence and the holiday season, we had lunch in the fancy, sit down and be waited on Black Diamond Lounge, where Candice, our server (who shares a name with Phineas and Ferb’s  older sister, don’t you know?) kept us well supplied with napkins, beverages and chocolate Teddy Grahams.  We also met Hannah, one of the presenters on the YouTube snow reports for the mountain, and saw the massive cow bell hanging over the bar, a gift from Dopplmeyer to commemorate the  new high speed detachable quad chairlift they installed earlier this month over on the beginners slope.  We took another turn down, then the wind picked up and turned the ride up the mountain into a test of endurance.  So we packed it in and headed home while everyone was still having fun.

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