Opening Day Ski Season 2011

I went to bed last night thinking that Tuesday would be the day – Wachusett had posted that they’d open late morning/noon today and, with a 1:30 hard stop, it didn’t seem worth the drive.  This morning our son, all limp & sluggish, was a testament to how miserable live can be when you’re in middle school.  I caved and granted him a mental health day.  I left him buried under the covers and went to log on to get my day going.  Couldn’t help but look at the status on the mountain and found that it was opening at 9:00 a.m.  Hustled the kid out of bed, threw everything the car (no time or need for ski rack) and we were on the lift at 10:35.

The crowds were thin, but the snow cover wasn’t. The kid took the lead, picking which of the two open trails we’d take.  He’s on new skis this season – 130s – and has the confidence of young man who has been skiing since he could walk. He was kind enough to wait for me to join him at the bottom before getting in the lift line.  All in all – a great day of skiing.

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