We are the 1%

We are New England skiers.  While the 99% are walking around, enjoying the extraordinarily mild weather, we’re wishing for a cold front, a Nor ‘Easter, subfreezing temperatures.  Maybe next week.  Meanwhile, we wait.

How I learned of La Nina (see below)
My good friends Steve and Wayne at Ski Haus sponsored the New England premier to benefit Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country.  Among other things, they run the adaptive ski program up at Cannon.  A worthy cause if there every was one.

Best in Show

The Boston Ski and Snowboard Expo answered this maiden’s pray for something to do with the kids when school was closed in observation of Veteran’s Day (h/t Tenth Mountain Division).  As with many outings, the food is the thing, and after running the opening gauntlet of vendors, we made straight to the snack bar.  Sharing  a table with a couple of very reps from Gus Stuff, we learned about their  new business.  They’ve created  a line of eye catching  neck warmers, mittens and hats.  Based in northern New England, their products eye are made by home sewers in Maine.  Always looking for ways to support local economies in ski country, we did some Christmas shopping at their booth.

Besides getting to climb all over a factory fresh pimped out Subaru Outback, other expo highlights included scoring two-fers for Mount Snow lift tickets, bandannas from Lufthansa,  and the Long Trail Ale vendor next to the slack line demo.  Bibo ergo sum.


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