The Google Alphabet, continued

While visiting grandparents who live south of the Mason-Dixon Line, I discovered differences in the Google alphabet;

I is for Internet Movie Database
J is for JC Penny
K is for Kelly Blue Book
L is for Lowes
O is for Office Depot
P is for Post & Courier
S is for SCE&G
W is for Wal-Mart
X is for XM Radio
Z is for Zappos

When l turned up Logan Airport at home it was a clue that Google ‘bet must be driven partly by location.  There’s an Ikea being build not far from where I live, so in Boston i is for Ikea.  At home, w is for weather, and here (we’re staying in a motel and using an internet connection just down the road from a bunch of big box stores) w is for Wal Mart; p brings up the local newspaper, and s the power company.

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