The Google Alphabet

A is for apple, or, for those of us who grew up reading Maurice Sendak’s Nutshell Library, A is for alligators all around. This list shows what Google suggests when you type the letters of the alphabet into its search engine.  While a source of amusement, the commercial nature of this list is a concern. The Amazon that A is for is the bookseller.  It isn’t until the ninth item on the list of Amazons that one finds a link to something about the river by that name.  What do our search engines push at us? What will happen to the Internet as marketplace of ideas when confronted by the pressures of the marketplace?

A is for Amazon
B is for Bank of America
C is for Craigslist
D is for dictionary
E is for eBay
F is for Facebook
G is for gmail
K is for Kohls
L is for Logan Airport
M is for Myspace
N is for Netflix
O is for Olympics
P is for Pandora
Q is for Quotes
S is for Sears
T is for Target
U is for USPS
V is for Verizon Wireless
W is for weather
X is for Xbox 360
Y is for Youtube
Z is for Zillow

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