To build a fire, or, grills just want to have some

As the smell of the neighbor’s Matchlight drifts through the window, moves me to write of how to grill without imparting the taste of petrochemicals to your burger.  
Essential ingredients:
1) A grill.  We have a Weber kettle style grill.  While more expensive than other, it is worth the investment.  They lasts for years  (ours spends the off season under a cover) and replacement parts can be ordered on-line.
2) Hardwood charcoal – Unlike the briquets (invented by Henry Ford, of all people) used in thousands of suburban bar-b-ques of yesteryear, hardwood charcoal is easy to light, burns fast and hot, and actually smells good. Our local hardware store stocks Cowboy Charcoal.
3) A Chimney Starter – Charcoal goes in the top, a sheet of newspaper goes in the bottom. Light a match, set the newspaper on fire. Eight minutes later pour the charcoal out, and you’re cooking.

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