On the passage of Senator Kennedy

 I was first eligible to vote in the 1980 election.  I was in college, living in Boston, and registered to vote near campus.  A few months earlier, Ted Kennedy shook the floor of the Democratic convention with his the Dream will Never Die  speech. Ted Kennedy was on the ballot, running for re-election to the Senate that year.  I voted for him then, and in every election since then.  That first time, I felt a very real connection to the Kennedys that I was too young to vote for. 

That first time I knew about Ted and Mary Jo and what happened at the bridge, and I suspected that being being married to a Kennedy required a special kind of suffering. Even the most cursory study of the Kennedy family reveals that Camelot is a pretty lie. But the important truth about our Senator lies not in his flaws, but in his work on behalf of the people of Massachusetts to the benefit of the nation. Requiescat in pace.

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