It Ain’t No Secret…the Democratic Party & Same Sex Marriage

In a recent Daily Beast post, Cindy McCain called Barack Obama’s opposition to same-sex marriage a “dirty little secret.”  Hell, it ain’t no secret.  At least not to this same-sex voter, or anyone else who looked the issue on his web page.  In fact, his position was pretty much the same as Hiliary Clinton’s position.  And yesterday, being tax day, us same-sex couples here in Massachusetts were reminded that while our marriage is legal in the Commonwealth, it is not recognized by the Federal government, because the Ole Triangulator, William Jefferson Clinton, signing into law the Defense of Marriage Act. But, as a thinking voter, which political party should I align myself with – the group that favors civil unions, but still has some learning to do regarding same-sex marriage, or the group who’s ranks include those who are very vocal in their belief that I must be a child molester?

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