The HRC Discovers Beacon Hill! Begins Work on Same-Sex Marriage!

Four years after same-sex marriage became a reality here in Massachusetts, the Human Rights Campaign has posted it’s youth outreach coordinator to Boston, to help defeat the measure before the constitutional convention (we call it the concon) that would put gay marriage on the 2008 ballot. 

Since the HRC is new in town, I thought that I’d introduce them to some of the players in this long running drama. First, there is Mary Bonauto and the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders who represented the Goodridge plantives. If you’re serious about same-sex marriage, these are the folks that get it done. MassEquality has been keeping us organized and the pressure on. The Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry answers back when the homophobes start banging on their bibles. Know Thy Neighbor posted the names of everyone who signed the petition that brought this ballot measure to the legislture (a whole story unto itself!). And there are folks like Byron Rushing, state rep from the 9th Suffolk district, who’s been with us every step of the way, and Carl Sciortino, who showed that anti-gay marriage legislators could be defeated.

On the other side are the ususal suspects. The Archdiocese of Boston (the Pope’s people) wants gay marriage to go down in flames, but they’ve been pretty busy selling church property to settle the suits that came out of the clergy sex abuse scandal. Mitt Romney was here for a while. He’s gone now, but he did everything he could to rain on our parade. Vote on Marriage wants the people to decide who should get married (which I think is a great idea – you can vote on my marriage if I can vote on your marriage). And then, on the outter edge of reality is MassResistance –  these folks really foam at the mouth. They think that Mitt Romney is liberal.

I’m leaving a lot out (like I said, the show’s been in town for awhile, so there’s lots of backstory), but this should get the HRC started. Maybe they’ll help take it on the road.

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