Whole Foods? Whole Paycheck!

Where do you shop for groceries? Very much a personal is political question. This essay on 3 Quarks Daily, skewers the rich & foolish who drop a whole lot of money to shop in what a friend of mine calls the Food Museum…each morsel so carefully wrapped and artfully arranged, and fully documented.

We’re fortunate to live in a neighorhood with a Japanese/Korean market, a bodega, two dueling Indian spice shops (Little India vs. Little Bombay), an Italian deli, a farmers’ market on Saturday mornings and a supermarket caters to a large, multi-ethnic clientele.  With a line of cars waiting to get into the parking lot and sawdust on the floor, it stocks goat meat, octupus, and rabbit, plantains, guava and taro, Portuguese sweet bread, sushi rice, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Makes me wonder what the shoppers at Whole Foods are really buying.

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