Biology as Destiny in the DNA Age

What if you found out that the child you are carrying was gay?  What if you found out that the child you are carrying carried the gene that caused Huntington’s disease? The Reverend R. Albert Mohler, Jr., a leading voice in the Southern Baptist Convention, posed the question about gay children earlier this month. In an interview reported in the Washington Post, Mohler said, “I think any Christian couple would want their child to be whole and healthy. Knowing that that child is going to be a sinner, we would not want to make their personal challenges more difficult if they could be less difficult.”  (Aren’t we all, by definition, sinners? The idea that we could prevent sinfulness in utero seems kind of like playing God to me.) Mohler’s question is hypothetical, a based a big bunch of “what ifs” What if we find that there is a gene that causes homosexuality?  What if there was a hormonal patch that a pregnant woman could wear that would turn the kid into a heterosexual.  The question about Huntington’s disease, however, is real.  The New York Times story of a young woman learning that she has the gene that causes Huntington’s, and that she will develop symptoms sooner rather than later, documents a current reality. I’m curious what the Holy Rollers have to say to women carrying babies with the genes that cause Huntington’s and Down Syndrome? Do they call it “God’s Will?”  Could it be possible that homosexuality is “God’s Will” too?

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