The Wisdom of Sesame Street

Not often, but sometimes, television gets it right.  Under normal circumstances, I’d be a work and Sammy’d be at school now, but yesterday, after lunch, he lay down beside me as I was reading the paper on the couch and took a nap.  He hasn’t napped for years – so we knew he wasn’t well.  This morning he was flush and feverish so phone calls were made, medicine dispensed, and he was tucked into the couch, in front of the flickering images of the local public television station. Love was the lesson of the day on Sesame Street.  In the world of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, love is about hugs and hearts, flowers and holding hands. When two worms, Slimey and Glowey, fell in love they wanted to be shot out of Slimey’s circus cannon together.  Living in love is like being shot out of cannon. There’s a loud, exciting beginning, you don’t know exactly where you’ll land, or what you’ll pass along the way, but you’re together, sharing along, unforgettable ride.

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