February Vacation – Skiing with the Kids, Part II

Apres Ski
The most important part of skiing is the social aspect. In addition to the who skis with whom part, there’s the just plain hanging out part. We’re sharing the rental house, a huge, tumble down  former nunnery (lots of little bedrooms) with six other families.  The kids, run in aged determined packs with the teenagers down in the basement with a tv set & pool table and the younger set camp out in the first floor sitting room, their little blurry eyes fixedon yet another tv tuned to the Cartoon Network.  The parents have staked out the living room. We sit in front of the woodstove, drinking wine, eating salsa and chips, and talk.  Assorted friends and friends of friends pass through – on our first night in the ski house, I realized that I was sitting next to the plaintive in one of the most public lawsuits against the Commonwealth.  She, and her co-plaintiffs won a decision that has became a battle cry in the social wars.  Yesterday, a tall, blond, middle aged woman came by to pick up her son (one of the basement dwellers). Over glasses of Merlot & cries of “SPONGE BOB SQUARE PANTS!” coming through the wall, we learned that she’ been a U.S. Marshall.  She had shoveled snow off the Glienick Bridge before for the exchange of Anatoly Sharankey for Karl Koecher & run the witness protection program in New England. She showed us her badge and her sap & told us we should always carry a flashlight ’cause you just never know.

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