February Vacation – Skiing with the kids, Part I

The first thing you notice is that everyone drives huge SUVs with names like Eurasian Landmass. There must be warnings on the sun visors : CAUTION, This vehicle does not handle like an ordinary car, you may experience a tectonic shift when rounding corners.

The next thing you notice is that the kids become more dependant than usual on someone (you, the mom) to transport them, feed them, dress them, find and keep track of their gloves/hats/mittens/goggles/snow pants/skis/boots/poles/hand and foot warmers. Once you get them up and running & you settle in your with book/magazine/counted cross stitch/laptop/whatever little hobby you might enjoy, because, by this point all you want is a little down time & you’re way too tired to even consider skiing your self, you have about twenty minutes before they come scooting back, demanding money/lunch/hot chocolate/candy/to go home/directions to the bathroom. After a while you either go completely insane or learn to block out everything short of fire, blood or broken bones. Like right now, the seven year old is lying on his back with his feet straight up in the air, alternating his reciation of the alphabet with demands for a snack while the three year old waves her bathing suit over his face, and asks over and over “What you doing?” in a sing-song voice.

Why does she have a bathing suit on a ski vacation? Because skiing is simply not enough recreation.  In addition to skiing (both downhill and cross country), there is ice skating, rock wall climbing, snow tubing, an indoor swimming pool, an arcade with video games, ping pong, sleigh rides, television with 250 cable channels, a three screen movie theater and a “night club” for the tweeny set that features an “open bar” (unlimited soda) and nightly dance contests. We take our leisure very seriously.

One response to “February Vacation – Skiing with the kids, Part I

  1. Wow, i like this article , Thx

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