Librarians in the Internet Age: Now More Then Ever

In the olden days – the real olden days, before the invention of movable type and the notion of universal literacy, the problem was a lack of books and information.  In those days, the major role of a librarian was to gather books and information.  In the rising tide of media over the last four hundred years, the role has shifted to helping patrons access the information that they seek.  With the flood of information that characterize the Internet Age, the role of the librarian shifts again.  Increasingly, there is a need for us to help patrons navigate the Web; and then, on what economists call the supply side, librarians are needed by web site creators to collect and organize content for the site. Hey, collecting and organizing information is what we do.  “Lost in a Sea of Data” is how the Chronicle of Higher Educationcharacterized the state of scientific communication in an electronic age (June 23rd 2006 issue) – If librarians don’t bring the principals of information science to the Internet, who will?

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